by The Black Vimanas

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released February 25, 2017



all rights reserved


The Black Vimanas Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Recorrupted
I've changed the face of my soul. To play with destiny in heaven and hell. I've got all the borrowed time to know where the final judgement lies.
So I ask god why? Why do I live to die?All the knowledge reminisced. Liberates all the nonsense of why we exist.
I have so much pain in my heart that now I have no fear. The only thing certain in this life is for death to be sincere.
So I ask god why? Why corrupt me to die? Taken back by all of this. Does the creator ask it's, questions that are endless?
Swiftly stolen in the night. My lonesome spirit takes flight. This here's a tale that's been deconstructed. Gentle tears of the recorrupted.
Track Name: Trepination
The open cavity is a surprise to those living who don't know why. The mind is ringing, the body is in pain. The mind is in trepnation on skull day. He says he wants to stay as close to the edge as he can without going over. He can't see this from the central land. With the drill in my hand. The laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. The soft warmth of the marrow soothes neurosis when he's senseless. To which will forward aggressive ways and bludgeon the enemy on skull day.
Track Name: Night Hunter ( Melvins Cover )
I grace into a field as I can see. I wake from a concussed laborous sleep. I grip my rifle. I know the underworld. I've lost my mind, lost to the glory unfurled.
You'll turn your head straight back when you feel a silent stare. Like a hard stone, like a hammer, look to me and see your death.
Your body moves its silhouette. My eyes snarl and whisper and bet. You could make me cry weak, you could make me transform time. But the cost is so great now your life is mine.
Now we've come to a culmination. Am I this callous beast? No, I'm helping you transform life now bleed.
Track Name: Orphic Lyre
Mentally worn to the paradigm of lying through the lens of mourning. I'm addicted to your love like an addiction is disinforming. But now your love has turned and I'm still linear to pass. The circle is broken and the magic is laid to rest.
Along the lines that lie I drew a picture from my soul. Now the picture lies inside so I don't have to see it in physical form.
How gullible of me not to see your fictitious accolades. This portraiture of you is torn in half to symbolize what belies in you. You say you're all things cruel but vanity is forgiving. I'd love for you to be free. I'd love for you to end this malady. I believed in every bitter part and if I looked into your eyes again. I'd know why my foolish heart can't pretend.
Track Name: Wings of the Seraphim
Wings of the Seraphim. Cool hellfire from beneath. The coals, serrated, ashing, singeing, everything. I've believed, besieged.
A question, if consciousness will survive. Onto other worlds, ascending in the night's sky. Always a pleasure, the moonlit dance with death. The impersonal thought is gasping beyond my breath.
In the stratosphere with alien forms. Identify my darkness as my light. The bell rings in my mind's sight. Now the dream is gone and why? I am one. I am non. Different paradoxes encompass this and other dimensional planes. Enough to drive you insane. In an anomorphic commonality called change.